1. Considering Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

    Are you considering endoscopic spinal surgery in Orlando? Here are some brief explanations to commonly asked questions about endoscopic spine care. How is Endoscopic Spine Surgery performed? After meticulous pre-operative planning, endoscopic spine surgery may be performed with the patient under loc…Read More

  2. How To Reduce The Need For Opioid Therapy

    Here are a few helpful ideas on how to limit or reduce your need for opioid therapy when suffering from pain. Have an exit plan before starting opioid therapy. A timeline for peri-operative opioid use before you start is key to a healthy outcome. If you have never been on opioid therapy and have a s…Read More

  3. Things You Can Do Every Day To Manage Spinal Discomfort

    Mana Spine’s goal is to help Central Floridians live a life free of back discomfort and painful symptoms through various minimally invasive spine surgeries. Conditions we treat range from degenerative disc disease to tendinitis to spinal stenosis to general hip, back, shoulder, knee, and joint pai…Read More