Things You Can Do Every Day To Manage Spinal Discomfort

Mana Spine’s goal is to help Central Floridians live a life free of back discomfort and painful symptoms through various minimally invasive spine surgeries. Conditions we treat range from degenerative disc disease to tendinitis to spinal stenosis to general hip, back, shoulder, knee, and joint pain. We offer interventional treatments and regenerative medicine to help treat these conditions in ways that are less invasive than traditional spine surgery and don’t involve the prolonged use of prescription pain medication that simply masks the pain, rather than treats it.

If you are experiencing back discomfort for a known or unknown reason, be sure to get in touch with our spine center today. We would love to schedule a consultation with you to assess your situation and create a plan of action to help you get back to living your life free of irritation and pain.

In the meantime, there are steps you can take right now that could help reduce and manage pain. Keep reading to learn more.

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Ways To Manage Spinal Discomfort

Get Moving

When you live with chronic spine discomfort, it can be tempting to take it easy, lay down, and remain immobile. In most cases, however, this can make the problem worse. Regular physical activity is important for everyone. It keeps your spine moving and helps to keep your joints lubricated. Choosing activities that are low impact but still encourage the use of the spine is a great place to start. Walking, swimming, or using an elliptical machine at the gym are great options. It is important to speak with your spine specialist before engaging in more strenuous activities if you think they could cause further irritation.

Watch Your Weight

Not all back problems are caused by excess weight, and many people who are a healthy weight experience irritating back conditions. However, being overweight can put unnecessary stress on your back and spine. In some cases losing a few pounds is the first step towards alleviating back discomfort.

Keep A Good Posture

This is especially important for those who spend their days sitting at a desk. It is easy to find yourself hunched over your computer, but being conscious of your posture can help keep your spine properly aligned throughout the day. Make sure your desk chair has proper lumbar support and keep your feet square on the floor when sitting.

Education Is Key

If you don’t know what’s going on with your spine, you may never be able to make it better. Sometimes a sore back will go away after a couple days. More often, though, back problems do not go away on their own and prolonging treatment might only make the problem worse. If you do not have the issue diagnosed by a spine specialist, you may unintentionally be doing more harm than good. Once the problem is diagnosed, your spine surgeon can devise a treatment plan to help to reduce back discomfort, identify contributing causes and prevent the need for intervention.

The spine specialists at Mana Spine are dedicated to providing patients with a wide spectrum of solutions by treating the conditions that cause pain at the source and by addressing nearby anatomical structures that may also be affected. Our minimally invasive treatments target pain and inflammation and treat it through a variety of methods, allowing you to return to your normal life, free of functionally limiting spine discomfort.

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While we support patients educating themselves through the variety of channels these days, if there is a major concern you have with your spine or another anatomic region, we suggest having your symptoms assessed by a physician. Our goal at Mana Spine is to help patients get back to their normal lifestyles by offering minimally invasive spine treatments and providing physician-to-patient education on the source of pain, Get in touch with Mana Spine today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey towards better spine health.