An Overview Of Mana Spine’s Minimally Invasive Procedures

Mana Spine is committed to bringing more minimally invasive options for patients suffering from back pain to Central Florida. In today’s post, we are going to go over just a few of the treatment options we offer. Our goal is to provide patients with more non-pharmacologic choices to stay healthy and preserve mobility.

Spinal Stenosis, pain caused by accidents, injuries, or just normal wear and tear, can be debilitating. Whether your primary physician has suggested you see a spinal surgeon to assess your issues or you have sought out a spine center in Orlando or Mt. Dora to find a diagnosis for your pain, the comprehensive approach to spine care at Mana Spine can help. Keep reading to learn a little more about some of the procedures performed here or at an ambulatory surgical center, or schedule a consultation with a back doctor at Mana Spine today.

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Stem Cell Therapy

There are many misconceptions about stem cell therapy for pain. So many, in fact, that we will need to dedicate an entire blog to the procedure just to scratch the surface. Stem cells can be obtained through a patient's own bone marrow, fat cells, or through purified amniotic tissue. These stem cells can then be injected into the area where a patient is experiencing pain or discomfort using special imaging tools that allow your spine specialist to ensure correct placement. Since stem cells naturally respond when they detect a tissue injury, the healing process will be sped up thanks to the influx of stem cells. Stem cell therapy for pain can help treat discomfort in the neck and back, assist in the healing of sports injuries, and works as a treatment for tennis elbow, among other conditions.

PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy involves using the patient’s own blood to increase healing. By spinning a blood sample in a centrifuge, the red blood cells can be removed, leaving plasma proteins and platelets, a mixture that can supply growth factors and other compounds to promote healing. PRP therapy isn’t new and has been used successfully for over twenty years to treat everything from tendinitis to degenerative disc disease.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is a minimally invasive spinal surgery that involves using electrical impulses to change the brain’s perception of pain into a tingling sensation. It is a good option for some people who experience chronic or debilitating spinal discomfort that has not responded well to other treatments. Small leads with electrodes are placed near the spinal cord, and a power source sends electrical currents to interrupt pain signals.

Facet Joint Injections

Each vertebra is accompanied by a pair of facet joints which help you to bend and twist your spine. Occasionally, these joints become inflamed or otherwise irritated, causing discomfort. This can be mediated through the use of facet joint injections. During this procedure, a small amount of steroid is injected into the joint space to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Radiofrequency Ablations

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a means of using electrical currents to interrupt pain signals. During this procedure, the spine surgeon will insert a needle into the area where the patient feels spinal discomfort or pain. Then, a small electrode will be inserted through the needle. A radiofrequency current will travel through the electrode and flow into the tissue, essentially “burning” the nerves that cause pain and eliminating the main way for pain signals to be sent to the brain from that nerve. The patient will need to be awake during the procedure, but this minimally invasive spine treatment generally causes very little discomfort and produces long-lasting pain relief without steroids.

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The only way to devise a plan of treatment for back discomfort is to have a consultation with your Central Florida spine doctor at Mana Spine. Our founder, Dr. Bhandary, is a double-board certified physician who specializes in the minimally invasive spine procedures performed at Mana Spine and would love to meet with you to discuss options to limit painful symptoms associated with common back conditions. Get in touch today!