Tele-Medicine at Mana Spine

TeleMedicine At Mana Spine

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Tele-Medicine At Mana Spine

At Mana Spine we deliver individualized care at a pace ahead of the curve. We understand the environment of medicine is an environment that adapts to change while maintaining the standard of care required to lead a healthy and fulfilling future.

Our program eliminates waiting rooms and having to deal with traffic through a convenient tele-medicine option. This option provides detailed office visits through video where you see your double-board certified doctor on your desktop.

We can also coordinate a tele-physical therapy program for you if needed. If your symptoms persist we offer a wide variety of spine procedures and surgical interventions that preserve the natural movement of your spine while reducing your pain. If our program of care is aligned with what you need. Schedule a consult below.

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Tele-Physical therapy

Need to start Conservative therapies for symptoms related to your injury? We can coordinate physical therapy for you in the comfort of your own home.

Our tele-physical therapy platform offers evidence based care, that is unparalleled in convenience and costs less than other models of care. To accompany our forward thinking telemedicine program which puts patients first, Mana Spine offers Interventional spine care and Endoscopic Spine surgery. Our focus is combine today’s technology and procedural skill to provide the best care for today’s patient.

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