Considering Endoscopic Spine Surgery?


Considering Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

Are you considering endoscopic spinal surgery in Orlando? Here are some brief explanations to commonly asked questions about endoscopic spine care.

How is Endoscopic Spine Surgery performed?

After meticulous pre-operative planning, endoscopic spine surgery may be performed with the patient under local or IV sedation. Surgical treatment is performed through the scope (endoscope), which is a 7 to 8mm tube depending on the technique and condition causing neural compression.

With the patient on the surgical table, under the assistance of fluoroscopy (x-ray guidance), a point of entry is determined and a guide is placed. A small skin incision is then made at the point of guide insertion. Endoscopic spine care is a minimally invasive spinal surgery option to treat certain conditions.

Under fluoroscopic guidance a dilator is then inserted over the guide, followed by a working sleeve (think of a straw). The dilator is removed and the endoscope (camera) is introduced. Utilizing specific instruments that work within the sleeve, endoscopic surgical intervention is then performed under continuous visualization and irrigation.

What are the benefits of an endoscopic approach to spine surgery?

  • A smaller skin incision is required for access, leading to less trauma of muscles that surround the spine and in turn, decreased postoperative pain.
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less post-operative pain and downtime, faster functional recovery
  • Preservation of natural spinal motion

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