Key Points For Patients Who Suffer A Traumatic Injury


Key Points For Patients Who Suffer A Traumatic Injury

Seek Professional Care

Regardless of the impact, speed, or nature of a motor vehicle collision or level of fall or unique condition of a traumatic event, every patient needs to get a medical examination by a board-certified medical professional immediately.

Keep Imaging For Your Own Records

If you have imaging performed, obtain the images in the form of a hard copy or on a disc. These images can be reviewed with you in detail and further your education about what you may be feeling.

Know What Your Physician Does

Not all examinations are equal in value as each physician has a different objective they are trying to reach. An ER physician may consider what is life-threatening or what warrants an emergency surgery. A surgeon may evaluate how to treat something with conventional surgery, and a physiatrist will consider your injuries and how they will affect your future.

Different Injuries Have Different Timetables For Development

A nerve injury, compensatory injury, or post-concussive brain injury evolves over time. Unfortunately, these symptoms can be missed if a doctor is not there to evaluate you repeatedly over a period of time.

Write Down What You Are Feeling

Functional mobility prior to an injury may serve as an accurate measurement of post-injury physical deficits. Proper identification of injuries requires attention paid to one’s activities of daily living, job-related physical demands, and aspirations. A pain diary can help physicians understand what you are going through.

Keep Perspective

We all have different thresholds for pain and susceptibility for injury. Pain-induced limitations based on our physiology vary but we all share a common vision for maintaining or improving our quality of life. For peace of mind, give yourself a fair shot at a healthy future and use all the resources available.

Choose Mana Spine After A Traumatic Injury

At Mana Spine, we always try to find a long-term solution for our patients that fosters continuous improvement. If you are experiencing any limitations due to an injury, reach out to us today.