The Importance Of Medical Care After Trauma


The Importance Of Medical Care After Trauma

If ‘suffering’ is to be aware of your limitations while living, then why not have physical limitations caused by pain evaluated immediately by a board-certified professional? This is especially important after a traumatic injury such as an auto accident even after an emergency room (ER) visit. Why are you suffering without seeking a medical evaluation?

Traumatic injuries are often evaluated first in an ER. The fast-paced world of an ER serves to effectively triage surgical emergencies. Evaluation in an urgent care facility or emergency room is not a substitute for the value of outpatient visits with a healthcare professional who can assess your symptoms without the time restraints of the ER. Your symptoms need to be evaluated in the context of what is required of you from day to day and, most importantly, what your functional aspirations are.

Putting together the puzzle of human physiology and how pain affects the body requires time, thought, and expertise. The right conversation from a treating physician can give you patience when your pain makes you feel like you are losing ground.

We always urge you to seek health care from a board-certified physician. A trained professional can listen to your symptoms and provide a comprehensive perspective on what you are feeling since not everything is identified in a diagnostic study.

At Mana Spine, our thought process starts with listening to your symptoms. Our standard of care comes from a skill set tailored to your needs and aspirations. Whether we are part of treatment initially or we are involved in your care at a later stage, we always put you first.

If you are experiencing physical pain or limitations after a traumatic injury, we want to help. We strive to find long-term solutions to these issues rather than temporary fixes. Get in touch with the professionals at Mana Spine today to discuss your concerns.