Endoscopic Spine Surgery


Endoscopic Spine Surgery

A Place For Endoscopic Spine Surgery At The Forefront Of Minimally Invasive Spine CareThe concept of minimally invasive spine care is to:

  • Utilize a surgical strategy that reduces surgical invasiveness
  • Improve access and visualization while achieving the surgical goal
  • Reduce peri-operative morbidity and postoperative consequences such as adjacent segment disease

For over a decade endoscopic spine surgery has been performed as part of daily practice in spine centers in the United States and internationally and has provided countless patients with an option for non-fusion spine surgery. Continuing research shows surgical outcomes are comparable when compared to open spine surgeries, giving today’s patient more health care options than ever before.

As endoscopic spine surgery continues to evolve as a state of the art technique for the treatment of disc herniations, lateral and central canal spinal stenosis, here are a few questions for patients to consider when thinking of endoscopic spine surgery:

  • Have conservative measures have been exhausted (ie. physical therapy)?
  • Have interventional pain management procedures been performed?
  • Have I been properly educated on my options and prognosis?
  • Have I spoken with a spine surgeon to consider all my options?
  • Do I understand the difference between causes of my back pain (degenerative changes, segmental instability or deformity) and cause of my leg pain (stenosis)?

For further education on this topic please speak with your treating physician at Mana Spine.