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Interventional Pain Medicine | Endoscopic Spine Surgery


Less Opioids. Less Invasive. More Life

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By offering more minimally invasive treatment options when it matters most. We approach patient care, with your future in mind...

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Endoscopic Spine Surgery is the focus of our practice. Our approach involves precise surgical care, without the large incisions or need to restructure your spine. Our goal is to avoid surgeries that create new problems to solve old ones and eliminate the need for opioids

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Being evaluated by a qualified health care provider is essential in assessing the potential severity of your symptoms after an accident, which is why being examined by a board certified pain physician directly after an accident is a key step in obtaining the best outcome...

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Diagnostic precision combined with the least invasive treatment plans to preserve your spine

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1) Our knowledge of how you move (biomechanics) allows us to target your pain generators as they relate to your functional needs. This is central to your pre and post operative recovery.

2) Recourse to Interventional Pain procedures that diagnose and treat functionally limiting symptoms.

3) Our exclusive skill set, keeps you active while avoiding the invasiveness of traditional open spine surgery.