The force imparted during a motor vehicle accident may place rotational stress on your spine, displacing a disc within your spine. The displaced disc often referred to as a bulge or herniation may compress the sciatic nerve leading to a tingling numbness in the buttocks and legs as well as a radiating pain that moves down the legs into the feet.  The sciatic nerve is a combination on nerves that exit the spinal cord at the lower regions of your spine. Left untreated, sciatica can reduce your activity levels, and affect your quality of life.

Your body will often attempt to correct itself and relieve pressure on the irritated nerve root, affected disc or damaged bone by shifting weight to the other side to decompress the impinged nerve.  This shift in posture unfortunately may lead to compensatory injuries in the future, if not addressed early on.  Please view our procedure page for treatments commonly used to resolve acute and chronic sciatic nerve pain.