Can You help?

Yes. At Mana Spine we use our specialized training to treat the cause of your pain from head to toe. We pride ourselves on a balanced approach to reducing your pain levels, and have a vast array of resources to help you along your way to an active lifestyle.

What Insurances do you accept?

Mana Spine accepts most insurance plans, including government-sponsored plans and private commercial insurances. Our complete list of accepted insurances changes frequently, so be sure to call our office (407) 605-5621 or your insurer to verify contracting status.

We will work with you to make sure that if you are out of network we set up a plan that makes it affordable for you to see us.

Please contact our office at (407) 605-5621 for a complete list of insurances that we take.

How early do I need to arrive for my appointment?

For follow up clinic appointments, patients are requested to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time. For New Patients, please arrive 30 minutes early to ensure that you have adequate time to complete our New Patient Intake paperwork. If you prefer, you can download, print and complete this paperwork prior to your visit, using this link: Click here to download our New Patient Intake Paperwork. Please note that all co-payments are collected at the time of visit. If you can not make your schedule visit, we ask that you provide 24 hours notice for cancellations.

For procedures, patients need to arrive 1 hour before their scheduled procedure time. It takes time to prepare for your procedure including check-in, changing, blood work, IV’s. We just want to make sure we have enough time to give you truly great care and not rush anything.

What should I bring to my first new patient visit?

Please bring your picture ID, insurance cards, co-pay, current medication list and/or medications, MRI and x-ray reports (if available).

How long will it take to get authorization for my procedure?

Each insurance company has it own requirements and process for authorization, we can not predict how long your authorization will take. Some only take a few days, while others can take weeks for your insurance company to approve. In certain cases, patients can significantly expedite their authorization by contacting their insurance provider directly. Due to the need for pre-authorization we can not have your visit and procedure on the same day.

Do I need someone to drive me to my procedure appointment?

This depends on the procedure. Please discuss this with your provider at the time of scheduling your procedure.

Do I continue taking my usual medications on the day of my procedure?

Yes, other than blood thinners, which you need to discuss with your provider during your office visit prior to the procedure.

Can I eat or drink before my procedure?

Eat or drink as you normally do, and have a healthy snack prior to bedtime. Do not eat or drink after midnight if you are having anesthesia. In addition, please refrain from the use of mints, gum and tobacco use prior to procedure.

Can I shower or bathe the day of my procedure?

Yes, we recommend using anti-bacterial soap.

What should I wear to my procedure appointment?

Please wear loose fitting clothes, avoid jewelry, and nail polish.

What if I can not find or fill my prescription at the pharmacy?

We do not have any control over pharmacy medication supply. However we will try our best to assist you with your care.

Please consider these before your procedure:
Have you notified your physician and or surgery center of any blood thinners or anti-inflammatory medications (including herbal products, supplements, and vitamins) that you are taking.

Have your allergies changed since your last doctor visit?

If you are currently feeling ill prior to your procedure please contact your provider. We will gladly reschedule your procedure to a time where you are feeling better.