Diagnostic Method

Diagnostic Method

Our enhanced care model

Our ability to diagnose and provide interventional pain management at the highest level allows us to closely assess what causes you pain in the context of your day to day.

Connect With Us

Your response allows us to diagnose your symptoms with reliability and precision. With the communication every patient deserves to have with their physician we offer guidance as you move towards your goal of a more active lifestyle with less pain.

Interventional pain procedures offered when after relief from conservative therapies have plateaued are part of our problem focused plan of care. If sustainable relief or a desirable quality of life can not be obtained, you wish to avoid open spine surgery and you meet criteria for discussing endoscopic spine surgery, our physician will sit for you at length describing different endoscopic surgeries we offer. If we can not help we will continue to provide education and assistance in finding the right team for your care. Our goal is for you to have an excellent outcome, productive and healthy life.

1. Patient - Physician discussion

2. Understanding your aspirations

3. Discussing procedural expectations while providing education

4. Intervention